Pre-reqs – Make sure you did this part first – How to buy Fart coin

1- You must have equal WORTH of BNB and Fart
example: if 1 BNB is worth $400, and 1 Fart is worth $0.40
You would need 1 BNB and 1000 Fart

2- go to

3- Connect your wallet
4 – select Trade>Liquidity

5- select ‘Add Liquidity’

6- Select BNB from first drop down and Fart from second drop down

7- Enter the amount of BNB you would like to add to the liquidity pool. The bottom box will automatically populate with the equal Worth of Fart.
You will be adding both BNB and Fart to the pool

8-Hit the enable button, this will prompt you to confirm in your wallet

9-Confirm your wallet (might be a slight delay after this, just be patient for like 10 seconds)

10- Hit supply ( might be a slight delay after this as well)

11- A confirmation box will appear with a summary of your investment. Look it over and hit confirm. This will prompt you for a wallet confirmation

12- Confirm in your wallet

13- Add your Cake-LP tokens to your Metamask

14 – After your transaction is confirmed you can see how much you have put into fart liquidity.

The Remove button will let you take out your initial investment, plus any returns. Beware that you could actually lose money doing this too.