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I made some new Art for my sister’s snowboard. Color on top, Grey-scale on bottom.  I will post a pic of the real deal next week when she gets it.

This was made using Illustrator 9. Illustrator is superior to Photoshop when it comes to huge prints like this. Illustrator creates vector images as opposed to raster images.  Vector images are based on mathematical calculations, where as raster images are based on pixel location and color.  Photoshop is a great application, but it is not as good at printing text or Large Graphics. You would need an infinite amount of pixels to compete with the math based vector image.  Another bonus is that vector images can scale infinitely. You can make the original as small or as large as you want and it will never lose their clarity.  That is if you were using the original illustrator file, this image you are looking at now is just a jpg, which is a raster image. It will pixelate if you scale it too much.

This board is being manufactured by Gilson  – Enjoy the Art!

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