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I just made a Secret Santa Picker with Python! Isn’t that a fun thing to say…
I am still trying to become a more useful human, I keep hearing everywhere that people need to know how to code. I am attempting to learn Python by doing useful things. I cannot learn by just reading a book and absorbing information, I have to have a goal to accomplish. I need a project to pursue.
Today one of my family members mentioned our annual Secret Santa game. We usually pick out of a hat, but now we are spread out all over the country so picking out of a hat is not going to be easy. I figured this would be a good challenge to put my python skills to the test. My new project was to make a Secret Santa picker. I knew I was going to use Python’s random library.  After playing with random.shuffle, I tried random.sample. This seemed to work much better for what I wanted to do.

If you don’t wanna read this whole thing you can just jump straight to the code and start using it – – https://github.com/germfil/SecretSanta


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