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I have been working on a fun little project the last couple days. It involves 1 image with a couple hot spots that change the image depending on which hotspot the user hovers over.

Here is the one I made. (hehehehe…yes, immature I know… but i think this is a hilarious little prank)

I had to make a rollover function with javascript. You can put this code in the script section of the header, or in a separate script that you reference.

function flip(oldpic,newpic) {
oldpic.src = newpic;

All this function does is change the source of an image based on the name of the image.

In the Html section of your page you call it like this:


You can view the full source of the example and get crackin’ on your own little prank. Happy hunting 🙂

Or if you want to prank someone – This is the one I send people to, it has a different link that does not bring you back to this page. – http://spilt.tech/home

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