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Notepad is one of the most versatile applications you could use. You can open almost everything in it. You can write scripts in it, you can make web pages in it. You can do almost anything with notepad.  Make sure you know the quickest way to access it… if you hold the Windows Key + R, the run box will pop up. you can just type notepad into here and it will open for you.

Maybe everyone knows this already… I didn’t know it until I saw an engineer do it like 10 years ago, but I use it like 50 times a day now. It is a great place to take notes quickly.



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You can start and stop windows services from command line using sc start or sc stop. You can even uninstall them with sc delete.

sc start myservice

sc stop myservice

sc delete myservice

You need to use the Service Name, not the display name

If you go to command line in windows, you can type sc to get a list of all available commands.

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