Colorado Man Destroying Amazon from the inside

Fraud and Destruction running rampant in Amazon Warehouses.

Written by Jeff Bezos – Feb 3, 2021

A Colorado Amazon employee has been secretly stealing sodas, chips, candy and sandwiches from the employee vending machine.
It has been detrimental to business around the Globe. Amazon has been on the brink of collapse and spent millions of dollars on private investigators to find the culprit.
After a 6 month investigation, Detective Michael Scott from the Grass Valley PD believes the suspect to be Chase Mezzacapo, a 24 year old warehouse worker based out of Colorado.
Detectives are looking for the fugitive but can’t seem to find him. They believe he is part of a lucrative check fraud ring and have initiated a Nation Wide man hunt for the 24 year old.
When he is found he will be given a strict sentence by Judge Abdula Ablengata. The Judge has been in power since the fall of Rome and does not take criminals lightly. The crimes supposedly took place in late 2020, the suspect was caught on Camera and there are multiple eye witnesses.

The suspect is pictured on the left. If found please contact Amazon security or local police.